Delia Ahouandjinou is a founding member of the Moringa Nexus Network, the USA representative of the Africa Moringa Hub, and a health practitioner in New York (Manual Therapy NYC). Delia is determined to create the network necessary to develop Moringa production and see the numerous healing properties of Moringa delivered to humankind and the planet.

Thomas Forster is the father of the Moringa Nexus Concept. An expert in agricultural, food and urban-rural policy, Thomas is a consultant to several United Nations agencies and non-State actors to build more inclusive policies and implementation processes. Mr. Forster has worked for almost 30 years from the local to the international level and remains very dedicated to the protection of small agricultural producers.


Africa Moringa Hub, an NGO with representation in 37 African Countries, promotes awareness, sustainable production and processing of Moringa both for the local and international markets.

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Everything needs an ecosystem to prosper and flourish, the Moringa industry does too. To achieve this supportive environment, we call on all actors to collaborate to develop visions and strategies for the sustainable development of the Moringa industry.